Mar. 21st, 2015

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Title: Out of Step
Fandom: The Hobbit
Genre: Pre-slash
Rating & Warnings: PG
Words: 8094
Disclaimer: I don't own the above media.
Summary: Bard has been invited to King Thranduil's halls alone, without his council. For what reason, he does not know--the Elvenking's thoughts have always been beyond Bard's ability to guess.
Author's Notes: I'm holding three people responsible for this series: bmouse, who got me thinking about this pairing in the first place; Ewebean, whose art (especially this piece) ended up birthing this story, and bendingsignpost, who is the most enabling enabler to ever enable. I hope the three of you are happy (because I sure am).

Major thanks go to Ben for a kind and excellent beta, and for Jeff, who not only betaed but became my Tolkien loremaster. While not much of his answers to the many involved questions I've lobbed his way are going to turn up in this fic, they'll definitely be important later. Any mistakes, then, in the lore are mine.

Also--I'm now on Patreon! If you'd like to support my work, why not drop a tip in my tip jar over there? More information can be found in my profile on the site.

Thank you very much and enjoy the fic! <3

Bard had increasingly discovered Thranduil's eyes upon him when he sought his opinion on some matter, though what the Elvenking was seeing was beyond Bard's ability to guess. )


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