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...Someday, this may turn into a general fic masterpost. That day is not today.

Main Verse

The Babysitters Club: Dhaos' First Day - Being the first day of babysitting of one Demon King Dhaos, former Prince of Elusion. [Dhaos, Sophie, Fenimore, Grune, Norma (Walter)]
The Duties of a Host - This is another awkward mess Grune has gotten Dhaos into. [Dhaos, Grune]
A Fear Shared is a Fear Lessened - Tiny!Dhaos doesn't like thunderstorms. [Tiny!Dhaos, Grune, Fenimore]
A Firefly's Light - A quiet moment of mourning from Grune, as witnessed by Norma. [Grune, Norma, Seto, Walter, Fenimore, Sophie, Jay]
Five Strange Ideas Grune Got Into Her Head (And What Fenimore Did To Get Them Out Again) When your housemate believes everything she's told, it can lead to some very, very weird conversations. [Fenimore, Grune, Sophie, Walter, Norma, Stella, Grell, Haruhi, Poland, Lupin, Cecil, Rosa, Kain, King of Baron, Cid]
Forget Me Not in the Morning - The people of Luceti Valley have been having such strange dreams lately. [Dhaos, Grune]
A Good Woman Goes To War - The very important things Grune does before going to war. [Grune, Fenimore, Raven, Giles, Dhaos, Pommy, Martel, Norma, Walter]
Half-Remembered Duty - Grune is the only one who can stop Schwartz from hurting her friends, and even if she can't remember why, even if she can't possibly hope to win, she'll fight to protect them. [Grune, Schwartz, Fenimore, Norma, Sophie, Walter, Dhaos, Giles, Ginia, Alice, Link]
Just An Ordinary Day - Fill for the prompt: Grune/Anyone who needs a hug (so, probably everyone) - Give her your tired, your poor, your whiny little angstbuckets needing a big friendly hug! [Grune, Norma, Frodo, Jack of Tales, Fenimore, Derek Bliss, Captain Jack Sparrow, Dhaos, Giles]
Letters From a Goddess - The letters Grune wrote to her dearest friends before her memories faded. [Grune, Ginia, Alice, Dhaos, Fenimore, Norma, Sophie, Jay, Link, Cecil, Walter, Giles]
Love, Friendship, and Cake - Taking care of Grune has seemed to involve an awful lot of cake lately. Unfortunately, none of it is for Fenimore. [Fenimore, Grune, Giles, Frédéric, Sophie, Stella, Norma, Walter, Cecil, Dhaos]
Magia - If I can advance without hesitating, / then it’s fine if my heart gets broken. [True!Grune, Giles, Dhaos]
Moonfall - Far away in the mountains, Grune watches the world end. [Grune, Fenimore, Norma, Sophie, Walter, Giles, Dhaos, Cecil]
Observation, Reflexes, and Quick Decision-Making Skills - When a Wii and Mario Kart appear in Luceti's rec centre, Pao-Lin knows exactly who she wants to play with. [Pao-Lin, Hubert, Cheria, Little Mac]
Permutations - per·mu·ta·tion, (n): the act of changing the order of elements arranged in a particular order, as True!Grune and Ginia into Grune and Ginia, etc. [Grune, True!Grune, Ginia, Alice, reference to Giles]
A Piano Lesson With Miss Grune - Frédéric François Chopin teaches a typical atypical piano lesson to Grune. [Grune, Frédéric, Poland, Ginia, Sophie Coolidge]
Pleasant Dreams - Grune has a nice visitor to one of her dreams--a nervosa. [Grune, Sophie, Walter, Fenimore, reference to Katie McCoy]
A Promise to Keep - When Giles starts acting very strangely, when he hurts her friends, Grune must keep the promise of their friendship in one of the most difficult ways of all. [Grune, Giles, Selphie, Ceodore; references to Cecil, Rosa, Fenimore, Walter, Norma, Dhaos]
Second Men - Neither Dhaos nor Giles understands what Grune sees in the other--but they understand the danger in each other all too well. [Grune, Giles, Dhaos; reference to Grell]
Sonnets between Watcher and Weaver - Two sonnets written by Giles to Grune--and one written by her in response when her memories return. [Giles, Grune, brief reference to Jenny Calendar]
Spirits Whisper - When she's unable to help a dear friend in need, Grune at last reaches a decision. [Grune, Dhaos, Cecil, Selphie, Ceodore, Norma, Link]
Summer Research - What is a bikini? Dhaos just doesn't know. [Grune, Dhaos, Fenimore, Norma, Yuan, Shiki]
A Very Cold Day - Out looking for strawberries, Grune finds Ginia and Giles trying to warm up together. [Grune, Giles, Ginia, Link]
The Wish of a Weaver - Grune makes two wishes on Tanabata: one large and one small. [Grune, Dhaos, Giles, Jay, Haruhi, Moses]


1. Green Is For Healing - Grune visits Giles in the clinic after a "Battle Dome accident." [Grune, Giles]
2. White is for Emptiness, by [personal profile] hickumu - The night after releasing himself from the clinic, Giles realizes that time might not heal all wounds. Fortunately, a little help from a friend can do the rest. [Giles, Grell, Grune]
3. White is for Beginnings, by [personal profile] hickumu - The follow-up to "White is for Emptiness." [Giles, Grune]
4. White Is For Remembrance - As she says farewell to one of her dearest friends, she cannot quite get all the details right. [Grune, Giles, Dhaos, Helios]
5. Green Is For The Goddess - A second funeral and a second farewell. There will not be a third. [Grune, Dhaos, Giles, Ginia, Helios]
6. Pink is for Your Special Someone, by [personal profile] hickumu - Valentine's Day has come to Luceti yet again. Like some twisted Shakespeare play, however, the Malnosso have taken a positive delight in pairing up the wrong people, leaving Giles alone and forgotten. At least until he meets a certain someone by the river and comes up with a desperate plan. But life in Luceti is never quite so certain, and when February rolls around how can you be sure which feelings are your own? [Grune, Giles, Ginia, Helios, Dhaos]
7. Pink Is For Your Best Friend - Being one woman's quest to obtain a proper explanation of exactly what Valentine's Day is all about. [Grune, Giles, Fenimore, Norma, Walter, Sophie, Vincent, Pao-Lin, Ginia, Dhaos]
8. Black is for Endings but Green is for Peace, by [personal profile] hickumu - Grune realizes that something with the potential to be very bad is in the works back in Giles' world. Her role in the proper working of the universe means that she is obligating to stop it. The laws of nature are there for a reason, after all. But she pauses in her mission to chat with an old friend, and to let him know what's happening, and what she has to do. The reaction of this particular ghost surprises even her.
9. White Is For Oblivion - Those who are brought back from the dead are unnatural, their emotions muted and their existence dulled and painful. Grune will not permit such a fate to befall one so loved. [Grune, Giles]

[ profile] 1sentence

Alpha - And so why now? Oh, please not now / I just stopped believing in happy endings, harbours of my own [Grune/Dhaos, Giles]
Beta - The always odd and never boring daily lives of [ profile] luceti's Legendia crew as they relate to Grune. [House!34 fic; Grune, Fenimore, Jay, Moses, Norma, Sophie, Stella, Walter (Dhaos, Asch)]
Gamma - The sweet and simple friendship of Link and Grune in fifty moments. [Grune & Link, Giles]
Delta - Moments from one friendship between four women in two bodies. [Grune & Ginia/Alice (Giles, Link, Norma, Dhaos, Foot, Frederic)]
Epsilon - The correlation of salvation and love, or Giles and Grune in fifty sentences. [Grune & Giles, Ginia, Jack]

[ profile] 30_quills Masterpost

Quick Links
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[ profile] 1fandom

Set 01 - Fifty small moments between a king and a woman in disguise. [Grune & Cecil, Rosa, Ceodore, Selphie, Ginia, Giles, Link, Fenimore, Dhaos, Walter]
Set 03 - Fifty moments of a simple friendship in pink and green. [Grune & Pommy, Dhaos]
Set 04 - Fifty moments of growing together shared between Grune and Rydia and Kain Highwind. [Grune, Rydia, Kain, Cecil]

[ profile] 31_days: October 2011 Masterpost

Quick Links
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A Bad Person - When Grune learns of Maurits' remorseless role in Fenimore's death, two things become clear to her: Maurits is a bad person and he can no longer stay in House 34. [Grune, Fenimore, Maurits, Shirley, Walter, Norma, Sophie, Dhaos, Cecil, Pao-Lin, Ginia]
Braid Raid - When she catches Dhaos asleep on their couch, Norma decides to be "helpful" and gets Grune in on the bargain. [Dhaos, Grune, Norma]
A Chance Rescue - Fenimore is grateful that Grune asked a friend of hers to watch over them, really she is--but did it have to be this friend? [Fenimore, Sophie, Ryoji, references to Grune, Norma, Walter]
A Chance Visit - Sequel to "A Chance Rescue." A teenaged boy stops by to help Grune with her garden, leaving Fenimore to wonder just why he sounds so familiar. [Fenimore, Sophie, Ryoji, Grune, references to Norma, Walter, Xion]
A Chance To Protect Luceti - Semi-sequel/prequel/something to "A Chance Rescue" and "A Chance Visit." During a fierce storm, Grune and Ryoji need to protect Luceti--but first, Ryoji needs to become something else. [Grune, Ryoji, Walter]
First Bloom - The first peony is for him. [Grune, Dhaos]
Five Brief Moments Between Ceodore Harvey and Grune - One way the friendship between Ceodore Harvey and Grune might have developed. [Grune, Ceodore, Selphie, references to Cecil, Rosa, Golbez]
A Flower in Time - She is a flower in time, and like the sun he opens her. [Grune, Dhaos]
The Importance of Honest, Direct Communication - (1) (2) (3) - The early days of Grune and Dhaos' relationship, as seen through the eyes of Fenimore, Norma, and Dhaos. [Grune, Fenimore, Dhaos, Norma, Giles, Link, Ginia, Alice, Moses, Cecil, Pommy, Stella, Walter, Frédéric, Rosa, Roxas, Sheena, Jay.]
The Kill or Cure Treatment For Loneliness - Any night involving drunken, forlorn pirates is a very bad night to be on patrol. [Giles, Captain Jack Sparrow, references to Buffy and Moro]
Lessons in Relationships - In which True!Grune educates three of her young and inexperienced friends on the nature of healthy relationships. [True!Grune, Hubert, Pao-Lin, Luca, Iria]
The Sophie Gang - For the first time in years, the Malnosso have passed on making Halloween a misery for the residents of Luceti. That means, for the very first time, Norma and Grune can take Sophie out trick or treating! [Sophie Coolidge, Norma Beatty, Grune, Oscar, Fenimore Xelhes, Trisha Elric, Vegeta, Richard, Naruto, Trafalgar Law, Edward Elric, Winry Rockbell (Walter Delques, Kain Highwind, Cecil Harvey, Helios Sprensonne, Marco, Isamu Nitta, Asbel Lhant, Sophie Lhant, Moses Sandor, Mia, Asch, Raine Sage)]
The Superfluous Role of Dignity in Friendship - There is no greater love a dignity-conscious man can show for a dear friend than to enter a crossdressing pageant for her sake. [Giles, Helios, Ginia, Adele, Link, Grune, Dhaos]
Ultimatum - Walter has returned to Luceti to find an Orerines living in House 34. He's not happy. [House 34!fic; Walter, Grune, Fenimore, Stella, Sophie]
Warmth Is For Restoration - Perhaps he hasn't been abandoned, after all. [Giles, Grune, Norma, Stella]


21 Could-Have-Been Years in the Life of Cecil Harvey - (0) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) - The King of Baron finds not only a baby abandoned under a tree, but a beautiful woman with no memory. A series of drabbles and short fic following the could-have-been relationship between Cecil and Grune. [Grune, Cecil, Rosa, Kain, King of Baron, OCs]

Grune and the Bitties

1. Fenimore - After seeing Dhaos fly, Fenimore decides she's going to one-up him. [Fenimore, Grune, Dhaos, Sophie, Hubert, Helios, Ginia, Rupert, Norma, Walter, tiny reference to Captain Jack Sparrow]
2. Dhaos - Dhaos is excited to learn that he's not the only one to know about angels--but unfortunately for him, there's a twist. [Dhaos, Grune, Fenimore, Sophie, Hubert, Helios, Ginia, Rupert, Norma, Walter]


Perennial - One scant century, and yet her first thoughts upon rebirth are always of him. [Grune, Dhaos, Schwartz]
Redress - There is no balance between good and evil on Giles' Earth, and Grune cannot leave the home of one so loved in such a condition. However, she is not strong enough to right what is wrong on her own. [Grune, Giles, Schwartz, the First Evil, Buffy, Anya, extremely brief references to Dhaos]
The Third One Between - To make room for the other presence / We both draw back in our minds. [Grune, Dhaos]
Where Peace Should Dwell - Grune watches over her friends, their lives, and their endings. When she discovers one who has not found peaceful rest, she deems it necessary to intervene. [Grune, Link, Dhaos]
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