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Title: Better-Looking Pilots Actually Sing "Love Is an Open Door" From Frozen
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Genre: Humour
Rating & Warnings: G (Casual ableist language)
Words: 1167
Disclaimer: I don't own Cabin Pressure.
Summary: While waiting for a customer to turn up, Arthur shows Herc and Douglas a video on his phone. Herc and Douglas think they can do better.
Author's Notes: Basically, when I learned this existed, I knew what I had to do.

''Good-Looking Pilots Sing 'Love Is an Open Door' From Frozen'?' )
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Title: A Necessary Adjustment
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Genre: Fluff
Rating & Warnings: G
Words: 1034
Disclaimer: I don't own Cabin Pressure.
Summary: Arthur decides to make a necessary adjustment in time for Carolyn and Herc's wedding.
Author's Notes: Because, like just about everyone else in the fandom, my heart broke when I found out Arthur's full name. The idea for this came very shortly thereafter.

'You're going to be Carolyn . . . Shipwright.' )
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Title: Orderly Houses
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Genre: Romance
Rating & Warnings: G
Beta: marsdaydream
Words: 893
Disclaimer: I don't own Cabin Pressure.
Summary: Herc thanks Carolyn needs to learn to relax. Carolyn disagrees.
Author's Notes: So this one came about by accident. I was looking to write a bit of scene-setting dialogue before another fic (which I have yet to get down on paper) when it, er, turned into something important enough to merit being its own piece.

Thank you very much to Mars once again for a delightful beta! I very much encourage checking out her fics if you're into awesome writing. ♥

'Don't you do anything to relax?' )
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Title: Getting Comfortable
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating & Warnings: PG
Beta: marsdaydream
Words: 1068
Disclaimer: I don't own Cabin Pressure.
Summary: Herc's relationship with Carolyn is like no other he's had in his life. But the unexpected is what makes it fun--for the most part.
Author's Notes: I'm a huge sucker for non-nuclear families, so when Herc found his way into Carolyn and Arthur's lives, well, that was it for me. I knew exactly where my ficcing drive was taking me with this fandom.

I have another one written with this pair and a couple more ideas on top of that. None of them are particularly long, but you never know: that might change.

Thank you very much to Mars for her lovely, fast beta! ♥ Please drop by her page here and give her fics a look if you need a great way to spend an afternoon.

'If you'd like, you could go home. Or . . . you could stay here.' )


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