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Title: Home and Abroad
Fandom: Foyle's War
Genre: Gen/Romance
Rating & Warnings: PG (ableism, homophobia, alcohol)
Words: 1056
Disclaimer: I don't own Foyle's War.
Summary: Fifty moments in the lives of the Foyle Family.
Author's Notes: I've been rewatching Foyle's War lately, and I've gotten that old familiar writing itch. So, to practice before I embark on a larger-scale project, I wrote these instead. I'm defining the Foyle Family as Foyle (naturally), Sam, Paul, Andrew, and Brookie. There's also a definite bent toward Sam/Paul, as it's become one of my ships for the series and I'm planning on writing more of it later. So yup!

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01. Air
Bombs don't just drop themselves out of the clear blue sky, Sam reminds herself in the days after she's been bombed out of her home, every time she catches herself looking up.

02. Apple
When Paul smiles and hands Sam the biggest, juiciest apple she's seen in months, she nearly gives herself away with a huge kiss on the lips, not the cheek.

03. Beginning
“You're to report to Hastings Constabulary,” Officer Bradley informs her, “and I can only hope you'll be a better driver than you are a mechanic.”

04. Bugs
The first day back, Paul forgets his leg as he stands in a rush and he pitches over his desk; the shame is far worse than the pain when he realises Miss Stewart saw.

05. Coffee
“Coffee all 'round,” Brookie announces with a bob on the balls of his feet, “because someone happened to get a lucky break at the shops.”

06. Dark
Sometimes all that keeps Milner from making very sure the black marketers learn to not be indifferent to soldiers' sacrifices is the certainty of Mr Foyle's disappointment.

07. Despair
Will there ever be anyone but his superior officer who will look at him and not see damaged goods?

08. Doors
Every day of seeing “DCS Meredith” covering up Mr Foyle's name wears them down a little more.

09. Drink
Sam has dressed up just for him and Milner can't stop staring.

10. Duty
Foyle has always believed it to be its own reward; that has yet to change.

11. Earth
It's nice to imagine those faraway places the war hasn't touched, Sam thinks, even if that gets harder with each passing year.

12. End
Tears blur the ink of Andrew's horrible breaking off letter—and yet somehow she's relieved.

13. Fall
Foyle steps into Sam's hospital room, then steps out again at the sight of his sergeant asleep in a chair at her bedside.

14. Fire
It takes Brooke weeks to get used to the quiet of Hastings: how he once slept without sirens and bombs and aeroplanes overhead is beyond him.

15. Flexible
The more others try to convince him of justice's malleability in a time of war, the more unyielding he becomes.

16. Flying
His joy has gone rotten, but still Andrew looks upward, strains upward on clear days.

17. Food
A corner of Foyle's mouth lifts when Sam gets her first look at the American soldiers' dining arrangements.

18. Foot
“Oh, that's not fair—you're only half as ticklish as I am!” Sam complains to a grinning Paul.

19. Grave
It's hard on everyone's spirits when even Sam has been worn into seriousness.

20. Green
When it's Foyle's turn to share one of his rookie mistakes, he says “Right,” and turns for his office; he pretends not to hear the protests.

21. Head
Brooke had found the universal admiration of the DCS hard to believe when he first arrived—now he's as devoted as the rest of them.

22. Hollow
Sam is dying due to a foolish mistake: the thought sends rage tearing through the place inside Foyle emptied by shock.

23. Honour
Foyle is aware of the pride taken in working with him by almost everyone in the station, and though he would leave in an instant, he's certain never to give reason for any to regret their loyalty.

24. Hope
Sam smiles softly; Milner's heart pounds hard enough to shake him.

25. Light
Andrew's grin brightens the gloomiest day, which is what makes it so dratted dangerous.

26. Lost
As the front door closes behind Jane, Milner is left standing in a house that has somehow trebled in size.

27. Metal
Three cheers for Mr Foyle! Sam thinks as the lemonade tickles her tongue.

28. New
Andrew is proud of his freshly-issued kit, but Foyle can only think of how quickly new recruits' uniforms in the last war became as filthy and louse-ridden as everyone else's.

29. Old
Every time Andrew comes back on leave lately, Foyle can see another line around his son's eyes.

30. Peace
Some nights, Foyle wonders if he'll live to see it again.

31. Poison
“Another bottle from Uncle Aubrey?” Sam asks wryly when Foyle sets it on a table in the station break room for someone to take.

32. Pretty
Sam has caught herself wondering fairly often lately if men can be pretty, because if so, Paul most certainly is.

33. Rain
Sharing an umbrella is supposed to be romantic, Sam thinks crossly, but instead of cosy, all she and Paul are doing is getting wet.

34. Regret
Damn this leg.

35. Roses
“I suppose you'll be wanting a white picket fence 'round this 'dream home' while you're at it,” Brookie says with a smirk; Sam smacks his arm.

36. Secret
Mr Foyle and the others are family, but Sam will never tell them about Nora in the MTC for as long as she lives.

37. Snakes
They arrest people to uphold the law, not as a form of revenge, but some arrests are far more satisfying than others.

38. Snow
“Of course it snows the day after Christmas,” Sam complains, but still she can't stop smiling.

39. Solid
Sam is such a slight woman, Milner thinks with the sliver of himself set apart from grief, so how can her embrace be so strong?

40. Spring
The air becomes mild, the drizzle a bit less freezing, and, thanks to the frost humps in the roads, Sam is once more back to patching up Mr Foyle's car.

41. Stable
As long as Mr Foyle is around, everything will be all right.

42. Strange
“Sam always was a curious girl,” Evelyn says with a lift of her brows and Sam's heart clenches—does she mean “curious” or Oscar Wilde's curious?

43. Summer
Sam and Paul go out for a picnic one bright day and keep their backs to the barbed wire.

44. Taboo
“Sam, my divorce hasn't gone through yet,” Paul protests, but Sam only kisses him again.

45. Ugly
There's no pattern, Foyle learned long ago: the worst of crimes are committed by the beautiful, the ordinary, and the ugly alike.

46. War
Milner lays out a full house and can't stop his smile when Brooke declares, “Oh, now you're asking for it!”

47. Water
By the time he and Sam recall themselves, the kettle has nearly boiled dry.

48. Welcome
When Mr Foyle steps into the station for the first time in a year, despite the tragedy that brought him back, their hearts lighten.

49. Winter
As far as Sam's concerned, being able to sit with Mr Foyle and Paul in front of a well-stoked fire with a hot drink in hand almost makes the frigid weather worthwhile.

50. Wood
Foyle knows the knocks of most of his staff; it's the one as bright and cheerful as the person behind it that nearly always can pull the smallest of smiles from him.


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